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Our websites are highly energy efficient, sustainably designed and built to last.

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Responsible design means faster-loading speeds for your customers and less CO2 emitted.

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By using robust web technologies we create websites that last for years and grow with your business.

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Spend less on marketing - we optimise for what search engines actually pay attention to.

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Latest work

We recently launched a new website for Playpress, the makers of eco-friendly playsets for well-known brands like The Gruffalo.

Blazingly fast on any device

Three screenshots of the Playpress website shown at different viewport sizes

Playpress' existing website was slow—taking over 15 seconds to load. According to research by Google, 40% of customers will leave a website if it doesn't load in under 3 seconds. To reclaim these lost customers for Playpress, we created a blazingly fast theme for Shopify that loads in 2 seconds.

Seamless user experience

Screenshots of the Playpress User Experience prototype

After identifying Playpress's three main sales channels, we built an accessible and easy to use User Experience prototype to test the navigation, content and responsive layout. After finalising the content, we worked with Matt (Playpress' talented designer) to carefully translate their brand for the web and apply the final visual layer.

Energy saving

Screenshot showing the dark mode toggle in action

Because 81% of the existing traffic to Playpress was from mobile devices, we added an energy-saving "dark mode" allowing Playpress customers to save up to 60% of the battery on their device while shopping.


Websites are changing

Websites that don't adhere to Google’s new experience guidelines risk losing out. Stay ahead of your competition with a Kindly website.